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When Will the World End?

Rashida Khilawala
There have been many prophesies about the end of the world but none has come true. Some scientists have also predicted the possible end of the world but we are yet to arrive there. More on this...
It is said that, "When fear takes over, intelligence and commonsense take off". After movies like 2012 and on similar Armageddon-like topics, there seems to be a murmur in the crowd about when is the world going to end. While the answer to that may not be definitive, there are speculative answers to it.

The Year - 2003

If this prediction would have come true, we would have been gone by now. According to an alien prediction, a certain comet that passes by every 3,657 years was going to be the reason for Earth meeting its doom.
As the prediction goes, the Earth was going to come in the way of that comet's tail, causing it to pause for a few days. That means, the Earth would stop rotating for a few days, accompanied by major winds and terrible heat. As most of us know the drill, the heat would cause our poles to melt, submerging mother Earth in its salty fate!

The Year - 2008

A few Brits seemed to have fathomed the Bible's codes. According to the code, they made a chart of the Earth's timeline. This timeline began with Adam's birth in 4027 BC, to Earth's destruction in 2008.
This destruction was supposed to be the result of a terrible war, that would leave the Earth empty, dead, and barren. However, that didn't happen.

The Year - 2012

It was the favorite year for disaster fanatics. According to Mayan and several other predictions, the world was to end in 2012. There were several possible causes for the judgment day to arrive.
While some said that it was the end of the Mayan Calendar, and others believed that the sun's heat would cause Earth's core displacement, many believed in the Sybillian Prophesies too. Many people strongly believed that the world would end in 2012. However, fortunately, that did not happen either!

The Year - 2014

A pope once made a very memorable speech. This pope was Pope Leo IX, and the speech was in 1514. In his speech, he conveyed that the end of the world is after 500 years. As such, he predicted the end of the world was in 2014.

The Year - 2028

In case the world survives the pope's prediction, the next exit is in the year 2028. There are quite a few predictions about 2028 as well. The Mystical 666 prediction of the rapture in 2028 is one of the reasons.
It is said the job that had begun in 1998 (which was also 'supposed' to be when the world would end), would be completed in 2028. Another prediction about 2028 is more scientific in nature. According to it, Asteroid 1997 XF11 would pass by Earth at a very short distance.
This would cause massive amounts of destruction on the Earth. However, later, calculations stipulate that the asteroid would be far enough to pass by, without causing any harm.

The Year - 2280

According to the Quran, there are certain codes and signs that can predict the end of the world. Most of the signs, like splitting of the moon and creation of the computer, which helped in cracking the code, have already occurred.
There are also several calculations conducted by experts, that lead us to consider 2280 as one of the plausible answers.

The Year - 3797

Nostradamus has made several predictions about the end of the world. Till now, none of them have come true. Some people have strong reasons to believe that his prediction about the world coming to an end in 3797, may come true. As that year is quite far away to fathom as of now, there is not much reason to believe that it is the answer.

The Year - 1000,000

This is in the really distant future. However, scientific calculations stipulate that in the year 1,000,000 (give or a take a couple of years), the Earth would be subject to prodigal gamma rays, causing it to meet its demise.
Basically, the gamma rays will cause our ozone layer to almost disappear, making the Earth dead and barren. If the Earth survives the gamma rays, a few centuries later, it will be engulfed by the sun (as it will be increasing in size). So as per science, the world isn't coming to an end anytime soon.
Many more predictions were made in the past.
  • 53 AD: A general rumor about judgment day
  • 500 AD: Prophesy of Hippolytus in 234 AD
  • 989 AD: Appearance of the Halley's comet made people panic about it colliding with Earth
  • 1000 AD: Second coming of Jesus
  • 1666 AD: The year contained the dreadful number 666 (the number of evil and destruction).
  • 1982 AD: Second (possible) coming of Jesus. This time newspapers helped spread the word faster
  • 1984 AD: Jehovah's witnesses predicted the world to end in 1874, 1878, 1881, 1910, 1914, 1918, 1925, 1975 and 1984
  • 2000 AD: Y2K faced massive speculation for being the end of a millennium. More so, if you divide 2000 by 3, you get 666.666666.....
As we see, that all these predictions proved wrong.
While the end is inevitable, one needs to stop worrying about when it would be and how.