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Types of Psychic Abilities

Reshma Jirage
Psychic ability is an extraordinary power that exists in each one of us. It gives us exceptional powers with the help of which we can guess the future, understand a person's state of mind, and even move objects without physical interference.
Every human being is gifted with some degree of psychic power and intuition. Psychic ability is a term used to explain all the paranormal abilities and skills. Each type is capable of creating different sensations and extracting unusual talents. Some people are blessed with all these types, while some possess a few of them. Let's understand these abilities in detail.

The Types

Psychic ability can be described as a metaphysical ability useful for extra-sensory perception. With this ability, you can predict the real course of events in the past, present, or future. It has several types, which are used by the psychics, according to the requirements of the client. Here is a list of some of the important types:
  • Automatic writing: It is an ability to write through subconscious mind without applying the conscious thoughts. It involves the messages from the divine about future events or channeled beings.
  • Aura reading: It is to see the energy fields emanating from the living beings. An aura is a subtle, vital, luminous energy circle, which envelopes around every human being. The psychics can see and read these auras and understand a person's state of mind.
  • Clairvoyance: It means sensing or seeing the images clearly. It is a form of extra-sensory perception of distant people, objects, and events. It enables you to see through the time and space and even detect the energy such as radio waves.
  • Clairaudience: With this ability, you can clearly hear the divinatory information that is received as a sound. This sound is not heard by the human ear. It is a power to perceive the voices and sounds as a form of extension of extra-sensory perception.
Auditory or kinesthetic impressions are also included in clairaudience. It is used to hear the voices and sounds related to the spirits of dead people.
  • Intuition: It is one of the most powerful quality. It means an immediate apprehension, direct knowledge, or cognition without using the physical senses or logical interferences or normal thought processes.
  • Clairsentience: With this, you can sense the subtle emotions, feelings, or energy. It is a power to pick up the emotions and energies from the people, things or places, which is generally called empathy.
  • Channeling: It enables you to receive the messages from the higher guidance. The information is delivered by speaking, however you can also write it down.
  • Telekinesis (Psychokinesis): With this power, you can move the objects without physical interference. It is experienced very rarely.
  • Psychometry: It is also known as object reading. It enables the psychics to pick up the energy patterns from a physical object. They can touch the object and pick up the psychic impressions on that object through the vibrations.
  • Remote viewing: It is a power to hear, see, or feel the target locations that are not known to the viewer.
  • Telepathy: With this power, you can directly communicate from one mind to another. It is popularly known as 'mind reading'.
  • Astral projection: With this magical ability, the psychics can separate their habitual perception from their corporeal body. The experienced practitioners can leave their own body in a totally relaxed and conscious state.