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Is Twin Telepathy Real?

Indrajit Deshmukh
Of all the mystery and enigma surrounding twins, twin telepathy is the most mystical and researched phenomenon. The allure of something paranormal and beyond scientific comprehension has given it a mystical status.
The term telepathy was derived from the Greek terms tele, meaning 'distant', and pathe, meaning 'feeling'. Telepathy is the channelizing of thoughts or feelings between individuals by means of para-psychology (extra sensory perceptions). This extra sensory perception was commonly referred as the sixth sense.
The five senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound is what common people rely on. But, people who have developed an extra sensory perception other than these five are telepathic.
Telepathy techniques are divided into parts―instinctual, mental, and intuition, and most people have telepathic abilities, it's just that they have tuned their body to ignore these signals. Although there is lack of scientific data to prove telepathy, there have been several documented incidents of this phenomenon. 
Twin telepathy has been documented by scientists and researchers alike, and there is a lot of anecdotal data to support its existence. Irrespective of supporting data, a large number of people have experienced, and an even larger number of people believe in the congenital ability of the mind to send and receive signals.
Numerous researchers have pointed out that twins are more attuned with each others thoughts and feelings, and, at times, they use their extra sensory perceptions to communicate with each other. It is a fact that children develop language skills in stages. They first associate sounds with objects, before articulating words. 
Trials have shown that twins develop their own secret language to communicate with each other. This secret language is termed as 'cryptophasia', an amalgamation of the term crypto, meaning secret, and phasia, meaning speech disorder. Cryptophasia means that twins not only use the same terms, but also mirror each others actions.
One of the observation is presented here:
  • One twin was enrolled for guitar lessons, while the other played soccer at the same time. After a few months, it was observed that the one who played soccer could also play the guitar efficiently without taking any lessons. 
He could play the guitar as though he was trained professionally. The study also said that the twins had limited interaction with each other during the days of respective training sessions.
Genetic research of identical twins has indicated that they communicate with each other in different ways other than the ones used by normal siblings. The percentage of telepathic abilities in monozygotic twins (identical twins) is comparatively more than dizygotic twins (not identical). Identical twins are from the same egg and same sperm, and are also thought to have same brainwaves. 
One of the disputed facts, is that, the genetic closeness between identical twins gifts them a heightened extra sensory perception. The following experiment to study twins telepathy highlights this:
  • One twin was hooked up to a polygraph machine, while the other one was being subjected to experiments in another room. 
It was found that when the twin in the room was dunked in ice-cold water, and when he was scared with a rubber snake, the effects showed on the other twin. There were clear indications on the polygraph of heightened activity, even though the twin who was hooked up was not subjected to any discomfort.
There are many stories that indicate a special para-psychological connection between them. Some are so extraordinary, that they have even captivated the imagination of Hollywood movie producers.
  • A Texas man sat down with a stabbing pain in the heart while shopping, only to find out later that his twin brother had been shot in the heart in New York.
  • One sister had a bike accident and broke her ankle, and a mysterious swelling showed up on her twin's ankle at the same time, although she wasn't indulging in any physical activity at the time.
  • One baby would cry profusely, bringing his mother's attention to the other twin, who was sleeping in another crib, suffering from high fever.
Twins seem to share a sense of emotional connection with each other, and many report a feeling of discomfort when the other is in trouble. The paranormal phenomenon of twin telepathy is intriguing, but more scientific research needs to be done to present substantial evidence of its existence.