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The Mysterious Mexican Zone of Silence

Sucheta Pradhan
The Mexican Zone of Silence has, by far, been one of the most mysterious areas in the world. This story attempts to shed light on the mystery of this curious region.
Did You Know?
The largest meteorite ever found on the Earth is known to have crashed in the Mexican Zone of Silence. Known as the Allende meteorite, it fell on February 8, 1969, and weighs about eight metric tons.
From savagery to civilization, man has come a long way. There is absolutely no doubt that we have made an immense advancement in the field of science and technology. We have also been able to find satisfactory answers to numerous, seemingly mysterious, and complicated questions.
However, we cannot deny the fact that there still exist a large number of mysteries around us, and that despite our efforts, spanning several long years, we haven't been able to figure them out completely. According to scientists, there exist an enormous number of natural mysteries, almost everywhere in the world.
Furthermore, there are also several things that the human mind simply cannot comprehend.
One such mystery lies in northern Mexico in the scorching, and often hostile, Chihuahuan Desert. The mysterious patch in the desert is the famous La Zona del Silencio.
It also known as the Mexican Zone of Silence or the Mapimí Silent Zone, just about 400 miles away from El Paso, Texas. Numerous researches have been going on with regard to what exactly happens in this region, and why suddenly all the communication devices, such as mobile phones, and walkie-talkies cease to function.

The Mystery

The Mexican Zone of Silence has long been famous as the place where the radio signals cannot be received. This means that this is a zone wherein, one cannot communicate with the world via phones or emails, cannot watch TV, and can't listen to the FM Radio.
If you are in or passing through the Mexican Zone of Silence, you are completely cut off from the world, until you have crossed the region.

This unusual property of the zone came into the public eye in the 1930s. A Mexican pilot, named Francisco Sarabia, became the first person to have officially reported his experience, while passing through the patch.
According to his report, his radio suddenly stopped functioning, as it could not receive any more signals. Thus, Sarabia became the first-known "victim" of the Zone of Silence. Around the same time, some farmers from nearby habitations had also witnessed what they described as "hot pebbles falling from the sky.
" Furthermore, in 1970, an American missile crashed in the Zone of Silence, and there has been no plausible explanation to it till date. There have also been reports of several other such mishaps in and around the region, all of them being equally inexplicable.
Owing to the unusual and mysterious properties of the region, it is quite obvious that it is not suitable for human habitation. Though the zone is known to have been inhabited during the prehistoric period, it seems to have been abandoned by the humans later on.
Today, the settlement nearest to the zone is some 25 miles away from it, and is that of Ceballos in the Mexican state of Durango. Even in Ceballos, the radio signals cannot be transmitted at the normal frequency, and it may be, indeed, shocking to know that there are, to this date, no televisions in the settlement, simply because they don't work there.

Zone of Silence and the Extraterrestrials

Scientific theorists have reportedly noted that the region lies to the immediate north of the Tropic of Cancer. Moreover, it has also been stated that the zone also lies just to the south of the 30th parallel. This kind of location of the Zone of Silence, places it in apposition with some other earthly mysteries, such as that of the Bermuda Triangle.
For years, several reports have been coming from and around the region with regard to the various UFO sightings, and some really close extraterrestrial encounters. People have reported the rather friendly behavior of the "supposed" aliens, most of the time.
In 1975, Ernesto and Josefina Diaz were reportedly helped by two "giant" aliens, when their car got stuck into the muddy terrain. Travelers and locals, who tend to cross the zone on a regular basis, have reported seeing strange light balls floating in the air during night. These balls of light, according to some reports, also tend to change colors at times.
Ufologists have often found the scrub vegetation being burned down at locations from where they got such reports. Does this, in some way, affirm that the region may indeed be visited by extraterrestrials?
One of the most interesting reports of alien encounter in the region comes from a local ranch, which as the story goes, was often visited by three strange people, dressed in a funny way and speaking flawless Spanish. They went to the ranch, in order to ask for water, which they would, in a very polite manner.
Moreover, when asked where they had come from, they would only smile and say, "from above." This may be a myth, but certain ufologists, owing to the description of the aliens, claim that they might be the ones of the "nordic" type-humanoid extraterrestrials with European features.
Many more stories of alien encounters come from the region, wherein people claim to have seen, and in some rare instances, even interacted with them. Despite the fact that a number of people claim to have seen UFOs and aliens, there hasn't been confirmed evidence of any such sighting as yet.
However, the claims of so many people, which come from one single region, are difficult to dismiss. We are aware of the fact that such claims take time to find a substantial basis; however, thorough researches are going on regarding the same.

Ancient Remains in the Zone of Silence

The Mexican Zone of Silence, apart from being a region of mystery, is also a region of wonder. Despite the fact that the region hasn't been inhabited by humans for hundreds of years, ancient ruins of an unknown structure have been found in the area.
Archaeologists have not been able to estimate the date when the structure may have been constructed yet. Moreover, they have also not been able to understand exactly, what the structure may be or for what purpose it may have been erected. Some claim it to be a part of an ancient observatory; however, this does not possess any substantial basis.
Another interesting remain in the region is that of a man-made platform, which is as much as six miles in length. There is also a man-made pyramidal hill in the area, the purpose of which is also unknown as yet. Alongside these structural remains, several stone statues of animals have also been found.


In 1976, virtually everybody in Ceballos saw a rectangular UFO passing over the settlement. Reportedly, it landed right on the man-made pyramidal hill in the Zone of Silence. Can the ancient ruins then, be some kind of landing ground for the UFOs?
Some ufologists, owing to the huge number of instances of UFO and alien sightings in the Zone of Silence, consider it as the "Mecca for UFO activity." For the purpose of attempting to decode the area's mystery, the Mexican government has established a research facility, right in the heart of it. Known as the Biosphere