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How to Test Your Psychic Ability

Charlie S
Different individuals have different psychic abilities. It is present in a few lucky people and not in all the people. If you think you have it in you, here's how you can go about checking it.
The presence of psychic powers in a person is the unusual and unique ability to predict, what will happen in the future. Many people think that, presence of such abilities is good and true only for a great film script. However, the truth is that, there are people around with these abilities. There is no fixed procedure or rules to test them.
Such tests are conducted by many websites and psychologists for people of all age groups. You can also examine it offline, by conducting a written test and personal interview of the person. Different kinds of questions will be put forth to the candidates, and more the number of correct guesses, more will be the percentage of psychic ability.

How to Examine it at Home?

Its presence is related to the extra sensory perception (ESP) and can be even tested at home. A person who is to be tested, should be taken to a place (home) unknown to him, and should be asked to predict the positions of certain objects which may be anywhere. This is also known as psychic predictions or remote viewing.
You can also examine it by asking him to guess different general things like, what a particular person is thinking at that very moment, who is calling if the phone rings, or by asking him to guess the series of future events.
Another way is by use of cards and asking the person which card it is. This procedure should be repeated a number of times and then you should calculate the percentage of correct answers. If it is above the expected level, then the person is confirmed to have these powers. You can test for telepathy as an aspect of such abilities.
To test this, a person should hold a card in his hand and the other person should be able to read the former's mind and tell correct answers. It would be unfair and wrong, if you arrive at any conclusion after just a few tests. You should also examine the person for precognition and clairvoyance.
Where precognition is an ability to know something before it happens, usually because of dreams and a strong vision, clairvoyance is the ability to see what is happening at a place where you are not physically present, or see those events which may have occurred in past, or may occur in future.
Another power known as the emphatic ability, enables the people with psychic abilities to feel the feelings, emotions, and even the physical sensations of other people. These emotions are of all kinds ― joy, sorrow, anger, and disappointment.

How to Examine it Online

In online tests, different kinds of symbols keep appearing on the computer screen and the person who's ability is to be tested has to click on a symbol, which he thinks will appear immediately after a particular symbol. A score will be maintained to judge the performance of the people appearing for the tests.
You can refer to many websites to test your power. If you really possess it, consider it as a blessing from God and use it in a good way.