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Telepathy Techniques

Deepa Kartha
Do you want to learn telepathic connection techniques that will help you in establishing contact with a person who is sitting in the next room or may be one who is another city? This story will answer your questions about how to develop this unique technique.
Have you ever experienced a situation where you have been thinking about a friend or family member and the person turns up at your doorstep or calls you up? Sounds creepy, right? However, this can be an excellent example of telepathy which most people do on a regular basis. Telepathy can be defined as an ability to send messages like emotions, thoughts, sensations, mental images, etc. from one person to another through mind contact.
Telepathy does not require the use of sensory perceptions or any other modes of communication to make contact. Hence, some people also consider telepathy as a sixth sense. Nevertheless, most people think that telepathy is a rare ability which is gifted only to a few people.
But, this is quite a wrong perception and on the other hand, the ability to achieve mind contact is something that comes natural to human beings. The reason why most people do not use it that they do not know of its existence and are never taught to use it.
What I mean to say here is that telepathy is an ability that can be learned easily by everyone. So, if you find telepathy quite interesting, here are some tips for developing your ability to make a mental contact with other people.

How to Develop Telepathic Instincts

Telepathy is a way of establishing contact with another person mentally, without using any type of communication. This can be done by anyone by using something known as telepathy exercises. One thing everyone should remember is that these techniques may not work soon after you start using them.
The first time you try these telepathy and mind reading techniques, you are likely to fail. However, with adequate practice, the chances of making a contact and communicating with the person are quite high. So, here are the techniques which you can learn and develop on your own.

Basic Telepathy Technique #01

The two most important things that you require to establish contact and send messages is a peaceful and relaxed mind and concentration. Though most people are successful in making contact during stressful situations, it is always better to practice telepathy with a relaxed mind.
When you have a relaxed mind, it will be easy for you to go into a trance like state where establishing a telepathic connection with any person. So, the first thing you have to do is to learn the technique to go into a trance like state.
Once you have achieved that trance like state, think about the person whom you want to make contact to and start sending positive thoughts to him/her. You have to focus intently and imagine that the other person is receiving your message.
One more important thing that you have to keep in mind while trying out this telepathy technique is that you should have a strong belief and should be extremely confident that the other person would receive your message. Once you think that the person has received your thoughts, do not let your mind wander at different things and just end the contact.
When you do this, the person who has been at the receiving end may feel that something is amiss and may try to reestablish contact with you and hence, is likely to give you a call.

Basic Telepathy Technique #02

Another telepathy technique is an exercise which has to be done by two people. One among the two should become the sender and the other one will be the receiver. The receiver should be given a pen and paper to write down the thoughts that come into his mind during the telepathic communication.
Also, both the receiver and the sender should be in a relaxed state of mind for the telepathy communication to be successful. The receiver should have an open mind and highly receptive to accept the things send to him.
Once both the parties are ready, they can begin the exercise by either sitting in the same room, with backs facing towards each other or sit in two separate rooms. The sender should pick up an object and try to make a connection with the other person.
One can visualize that both their minds are connected with a mental thought tube. When this image becomes very clear in your mind, think that you are sending the object that you want through the tube towards the receiver.
When you are sure that the object has reached the receiver, end your contact and allow the receiver some time to write down the image that he received. After some time, repeat the whole process for a few more times. Once you are done with this compare whether, what the receiver has written on paper is the same as that of yours. Though for the first time, you are unlikely to get all the objects correctly, you will definitely find some similarities.
These are two of the techniques that you can try at home. These techniques can be used by anyone to develop as well as improve their telepathic abilities and instinct. However, if you want to be an expert in making telepathic contacts, there is no other way of achieving it other than regular practice.