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15 Signs that Tell Your House is Haunted

Vrinda Varnekar
Are you experiencing a lot of unexplained activity in your house? If yes, and if it is bothering you, maybe you should consider checking if your house is haunted.

Is It Really Paranormal Activity?

Before you determine that your house is haunted and go into panic mode, calm down, and try to think of other causes which might be causing you to feel uncomfortable. Strange sounds could simply be the result of faulty plumbing or an unfixed window, and the eerie shadows could just be the branches of the trees outside playing a joke on you.
This might make more sense to someone who has just moved into a new house or apartment, but does your house give you the creeps? Don't get me wrong, I'm sure you loved it at first glance, which is why you decided to rent/buy it, right?
However, it can be really disturbing if you forked out a lot of money for your dream house only to find out that your dog is refusing to come anywhere near (remember the scene from the epic horror movie, The Conjuring?) or that your little daughter says she has a new friend who you absolutely cannot see.
Yes, you probably brushed it off as some tantrum from your dog and a new imaginary friend of your daughter's. Even so, the creepy feeling you've been experiencing since the time you moved in refuses to leave― if anything, it gets even more intense. That is when you finally decide that something is not normal, and now you need to figure out what it is.
If you've not ruled out the possibility of a haunted house, then you're really on the right page. It is possible that the house is still the home of its past, deceased owners/dwellers. If you can identify the following signs, then maybe it might be time to take some action.

Unexplained sounds

Many people report hearing strange, unexplained sounds and noises when they're in the house. These sounds are generally footsteps, clapping, banging, knocks, sounds of something being dropped, scratching sounds, etc.
Listeners have reported that these sounds often seem to come from somewhere distant. Sometimes, they are subtle while at other times, they are loud. Hearing unexplained, strange sounds could mean that a spirit resides in your home.

Electric objects turning on and off

Do you wake up to the sound of the stereo playing at full volume in the middle of the night? Yes, it is definitely weird.
It is rare to actually witness something like this happening, but electric items such as lights, fans, toasters, blenders, even the TV and radio are found turned on/off when you could swear that you'd not left them that way. A mischievous/playful spirit may want you to know that it is there, through these activities.

Doors opening and closing on their own

Another sign of paranormal activity in your home could be doors opening and closing on their own.
Many people have claimed to enter a room and find the closet doors ajar, or the room door to be closed/open even though they know they didn't leave it that way. Again, witnessing this happening is very rare, but it is possible to hear doors slamming or creaking open on their own, especially when there's no wind.
This does not mean that your doors are disobedient, but it could mean that there's a spirit (or more) hanging out in your house.

Eerie shadows

Sighting eerie and weird shadows in and around the house is one of the signs of something supernatural living in your house.
These shadows are generally seen from the corner of the eye, and only for a fleeting moment. The strange shadows could be mists or silhouettes and could have human form. They could also be smaller, and be of other vague shapes and sizes. Unexplained shadows might actually be reflective of paranormal activity in your home.

Strange animal behavior

Animals are believed to have strong psychic abilities, much more than humans, which means that they can sense supernatural presence strongly.
You may find that your cat or dog refuses to enter particular room or part of the house. People have also often found their dogs barking or whining at something they can't see while cats seem to be continually staring at someone or something invisible. Strange, unnatural behavior from your pet could mean that it can sense something inside/around house.

Feelings of being watched

Do you feel jumpy or strange, as if someone is looking at you all the time, but when you look around you, there's nobody there?
Though this feeling could be brushed off as mere paranoia at first, it could also be a sign that there is a supernatural being in your home. The feeling of being continually watched when you're in a particular room of the house could mean that someone apart from your family and you resides there too.

Objects disappearing and reappearing

Does it so happen that you regularly keep your keys or your wallet in one particular spot in the house, and now suddenly, you can't find whatever it is? You may feel as though you've misplaced it and look all over without luck.
Some time later― say a few hours, days, or even weeks, you find whatever it is you've misplaced exactly in the same place where you regularly keep it. This phenomenon of objects disappearing and reappearing is a sign of paranormal activity in your home.

Change in temperature

A dramatic fall in temperature is a phenomenon commonly attributed to the supernatural. Do you feel icy cold in a particular room of your house or in the corners of your house, even in summer?
Studies suggest that the reason of low temperature when spirits are around is that they need the energy in the room to manifest, which is why the particular area is colder than the rest of the house. The low temperature does not mean that a spirit is going to show itself to you, but it could mean that it is present somewhere around.

Being touched

This is one of the more obvious signs of paranormal activity in your home. People have reported feelings of being patted, nudged, stroked, or something invisible brushing past them in an instant.
More aggressive or violent forms of this feeling could be the feeling of someone invisible slapping, hitting, or kicking. However, these feelings are quite rare and may point to something very dangerous.

Hearing voices

It is not uncommon to hear muffled voices, cries, or screams in a haunted house. Also, you may hear someone calling out your name, though you're the only person at home. Random whispers, giggles, and singing could mean a spirit resides in your home.

Mysterious smells

Mysterious and unexplained smells― both good and bad― are considered a sign of the presence of paranormal activity. The faint, lingering (albeit for a few moments) scent of perfume, or flowers, or perhaps cologne which you know nobody in your house uses, or maybe the putrid smell of rotting fish, eggs, meat, etc., could mean that something out of the ordinary is up.

A routine for strange occurrences

Do strange things happen around the same time everyday? One sign of paranormal presence in your home could be the occurrences― anything such as a particular clock that stops ticking at 1 am, or the television switches on by itself in the middle of the night, or anything unusual― are felt or experienced at a particular time everyday.
Let us look at the example of The Conjuring again― strange things happen at 3:07 am, daily.

Moving objects

If you witness this, then you may definitely consider the possibility of your house being haunted. Furniture sliding across the floor on its own, plates crashing to the floor from the dinner table, pictures falling off the walls, and doors and windows slamming with extreme force are all signs that your house is inhibited by spirits.
Sometimes, this kind of activity is attributed to a poltergeist, who is actually a pretty nasty ghost who likes to cause trouble. (Remember Peeves, from the Harry Potter series?)

Dark history

Every phenomenon has a cause behind it, and there has to be a reason as to why your house is haunted. Try to find out who the previous owners/dwellers of the house were, and if any tragic event is associated with the house.
Paranormal experts feel that spirits of the people who have died in a house do not usually leave and move on, especially if they are attached to the place or have not yet accepted that it belongs to someone else now. Maybe the ghost is just trying to tell you to acknowledge him or her, or might want to share its sorrows with you.


This is one of the rarest and most sure signs that your house is haunted. An apparition, or the manifestation of the spirit in physical form may make itself visible to you for a few seconds or minutes, depending upon what it is trying to let you know.
These physical manifestations may look human or unearthly, and may sometimes even look just like they did when they died. If you see a spirit, then it is definitely time to take the appropriate steps.
There are many possible reasons as to why your house may be haunted. If you've started experiencing paranormal activity out of the blue after having lived in a place for a long time, could it be that it is just a deceased relative coming back to console you?
Whatever it may be, we recommend rationalizing the problems first, before calling experts to help. If you are experiencing one or more of the signs we've mentioned above, get in touch with a psychic medium or an expert on paranormal activity to help you overcome the problem.