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How to Do a Séance

Ratnashri Dutta
If you want to communicate with your loved ones who are no more, or if you want to know why a spirit is troubling you, all you have to do is perform a séance.
There are stories about how some people are tormented by spirits, both good and bad. Many people either call for an exorcist, or some carry out a séance, pronounced as SAY-ahnce. A séance is what you do when you are trying to communicate with the spirit wanting to know why they are here, why they still haven't crossed over, or why they are haunting a person.

What is a it?

In simple terms, it is actually the session, which is organized where spiritualistic leaders communicate with spirits. This is said to be one of the most productive methods for communicating with spirits. Its origin goes back a long way to the 19th century.
During the 1840s, the Fox sisters, Kate and Margaret, were being haunted at their Hydesville home in New York. So Kate started communicating with the spirit. She asked it to reply to her snapping of fingers and to her surprise, the spirit did.
Slowly, by improving the process of communication, the sisters found out that the spirit was actually that of a man, who had been murdered in that very house where they were staying.
Slowly, the sister's fame of communicating with the spirits spread and thus, séance was born. Everyone wanted to talk to, or communicate with the ones they had lost, or with the spirits by whom they were being haunted.

How to Go About it?

In the movie 'Sixth Sense', the spirits used to come to the young boy easily, with all their unfulfilled desires. There are some people who can see the dead easily, but communicating with them is always not that simple. For carrying out a proper séance, you need a good medium, patience, positive nature, common sense, alertness, and a loving heart.

Decide what to Ask

Before you start off, make sure that the list of whatever you are going to ask is ready. First calling the spirit and then deciding amongst yourself what to ask, is not the correct way to follow. How to make the process easier without delaying much time, is something which you should know.

The Proper Atmosphere

To call them, you need to have the right surroundings. You have to choose a place that is free from any kind of disturbances. The room temperature should be normal and as for the lights, you should avoid strong lights. Create a 'spirit friendly' atmosphere by burning incense.
Play some soft music, vocal or instrumental. Keep the method of communication such as a glass, or a pen and paper, or an ouija board using which the medium can communicate with the spirit, at hand. Make sure that once it starts, no one should leave their places and also no one should enter the room.


Make a list of all those people who you want to be present. Make sure that a family member of the spirit with whom you want to communicate, is present. Sometimes this is not possible, especially when it is of a person, who was there hundreds of years ago. In that case, if possible, keep an object which had belonged to that person.
Many times, it's due to worldly attractions that they come to this world. Make sure that the place where you are doing it, is not crowded. You need magnetic energy to bring them down to earth. If the number of people is more, then the energy will be absorbed by others. Also, the people whom you are inviting, should have an open mind and a positive attitude.
Negative vibes from 'non-believers' can act as a hindrance in the path of the spirits. Make sure that you have a person in the group, who will be able to empathize with the spirit and also put in love in the entire spiritual process. Love is something which helps the medium to communicate with the spirit.

During the Process

The next step is to decide on the seating arrangements beforehand. Usually, people sit around in circles around a table, on straight back chairs. You have seen in movies that people are asked to hold hands. But that's not important, since the process takes hours to complete. Hence, your hands might start aching.
So just keep your hands, facing down on the table and also your knees should not touch others. Start off with a hymn, or a prayer, or a chant asking the spirit to come down and communicate. While doing this, make sure that there are no disturbances.
The process might take hours, but ensure not to carry it out for more than two hours. If at all, an extension is needed, then stretch it for maximum 1 hour. Do not be too hard on the spirits. Just like we have problems in communicating with them, even they face similar situations. Be gentle and patient.

How to End it?

After the session is over, remain seated with your eyes closed and try and recollect the loving moments you had with the spirit. Remain like this for at least 20 minutes and then open your eyes and share your experience with others, if you want to.
Sometimes, it might happen that some unwanted spirits also turn up. Do not get scared. Ask them why they are here, hear them out, and then politely ask them to leave. If they refuse, then stop the session right then.
When you are done, bid the spirit a polite adieu. It's advisable that you do not do these things alone, because if you do not know the correct way of doing it, you can get into trouble. Always have an expert at hand while attempting it.
Communicating with the dead is no joke and you shouldn't treat it as one too. Be careful of phony mediums, who say that they can communicate with spirits, but the only thing that they can do is cheat the believers. There are many people, who know how to communicate with the spirit world, so try and ask for their help.