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Scariest Places on Earth

Rujuta Borkar
There are some places that will get you scared and good. Read on to know about some of the scariest places on earth.
If you've ever had any paranormal experiences, you'll know that they aren't the best thing to experience. Not one bit, no. Some places have a reputation of being scary―the cemetery, a dilapidated building, and maybe more. Incidents have been related, much like folklore, about these being shady, of something weird happening there.
Some of these places have pretty scary and disturbing pasts. There have been places that have been recorded in history as some of the scariest places. 5 of these have been listed and discussed ahead.

The Myrtles Plantation (Louisiana)

The Myrtles plantation was originally called Laurel Grove and was built by General Bradford in 1796. There are several legends that come with this place. The most popular of them is the legend of Chloe, who is considered to be the most famous of the legends. It is said that Chloe was a slave who was forced to become the General's mistress.
When he lost interest in her, it angered the slave and she began to eavesdrop on the master. Unfortunately, she was found and her ear was cut off. She began wearing a green turban to hide the deformity thereafter.
In the time that followed, she mistakenly poisoned the General's wife and two children. When she confessed her crime to the other slaves there, she was killed and her body was thrown into the Mississippi River. It is said that a ghost wearing a green turban has been spotted on the plantation.
Along with that, the other legends include the spirits of an Indian girl, a haunted mirror that supposedly hold the spirits of the dead wife and children, and the spirit of William Winter (a writer who was murdered in the house).

Goldfield Hotel (Nevada)

The Goldfield hotel, located in the Goldfield ghost town is reputed to be one of the scariest places in the world. The story behind this reputation is quite disturbing. It is said that the hotel is inhabited by a spirit of a woman called Elizabeth. George Wingfield, the owner of the hotel is said to have had an affair with Elizabeth which left her pregnant.
Wingfield did not want to claim responsibility and being a powerful and wealthy man, anything he did or said, went. He had Elizabeth chained to a radiator in room 109 and kept her there till the child was born. He then threw the child down a mineshaft under the hotel.
Elizabeth died after this incident, but apparently her spirit never did. It is said that the voice of a baby crying and a woman's voice can be heard sometimes. Many have even reported getting a faint smell of cigar in the air, which is traced back to George Wingfield.

Catacombs (Paris)

In the 18th century, the cemetery grounds in the whole of Paris (especially, the Saints Innocents Cemetery) were so overcrowded that it led to the grounds being used and reused. Bodies were dumped without proper burial and even dumped one on top of the other causing seepage of human discomposing into the ground water and causing pollution.
The sanitary conditions became a death trap and so in the year of 1786, it was decided that the empty tunnels (underground) in the outskirts of the city were to be used to shift the bodies. For many years after, the bodies were deposited thus. That is how the catacombs of Paris came to be.
Given the nature of these tombs, it comes as almost a cliche that there have been sightings of different apparitions and ghosts felt here. A tourist spot, many tourists have reported of being jabbed and touched by unknown forces. Not the best place to be at night.

The Edinburgh Castle (Scotland)

The castle has been touted as one of the scariest places in Europe and the world over. It has a bloody history which could have led to it being an alleged haunted place today. Its dungeons have been witness to thousands of deaths, its subterranean vaults and a street (Mary Kings Close) was where victims of the Black Death plague were locked in to die.
There have been sightings of varied kinds in the castle, including spirits of prisoners, a headless drummer, a ghost dog and other paranormal phenomena like the feeling of being watched, tugging of the arm, drop in temperatures, and the like.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Kentucky)

The Waverly Hills sanatorium was purchased as a family home in 1883, but was later bought (early 1900s) and converted into a sanatorium for patients suffering from tuberculosis. But those who came for cure, ended up losing their lives.
Thousands died here and on a daily basis too. It is said that due to the unnatural deaths and suffering, there are a lot of spirits that can be felt here even today. Visitors have felt voices, cold spots and seen ghosts as well.
The scariest site they say is that of a child with no eyes. In one of the rooms, if you roll a ball across the floor, the ball is said to roll back on its own. The general feeling of dread and gloom haunt this place.
The description and legends behind these scariest places on Earth is enough to break anyone into a sweat. But if you're the adventurous kind, and want to experience what the hue and cry about all this is firsthand, then a trip to these places is a must.