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Psychic Cleansing

Puja Lalwani
Day-to-day busy schedule and thousands of to-do-things, your mind gets stuffed and cluttered. You feel too tired, stressed, and disinterested in most things around you. That is when you need a psychic cleansing. Read on to know how is it done and who can do it.
There may have been times when you feel run down, are unable to think clearly, and just feel so worn out that getting up to take a glass of water seems tedious. These are the effects of not only physical but mental stress.
Worrying about work, home, relationships and several other things, or spending time in an environment that you are not comfortable in, tends to drain you completely. Sometimes, the company you keep also tends to drain you out, particularly if it consists of individuals who are negative (depressed, pessimistic, cynical, etc.).
You cannot protect yourself from such individuals all the time, and sometimes, these individuals may be some of your closest loved ones. What do you do in such a case? You have to maintain your sanity, don't you? You need to be able to think clearly, rationally, and practically to lead a healthy, happy life so that you can be of help to those around you too.
At such times, a psychic cleansing or a spiritual cleansing is what can help you the most. This is a process that requires you to spend some time with yourself and follow some very simple methods that will help get rid of all the negative energy in and around you, so that you feel revitalized and healthy. What does this process entail?

Methods of Psychic Cleansing

Taking a shower is the best suggested cleansing technique. Now, most of the time we tend to take quick showers and rush out. When taking a shower particularly for psychic cleansing, make sure you have enough time and calm your nerves down in the process.
  • Stand under the shower and clean your body using a soap with the fragrance that has a calming effect on you.
  • As you soap yourself imagine you are getting rid of all the negative energy that surrounds you.
  • Rinse off your body, and throughout the process, do not allow any negative thought to come to your mind. Imagine your mind and body to have become highly receptive to positivity. Feel it radiating from within.
  • Once you are done, just continue standing under warm running water. Feel the warmth filling up every part of your body.
  • As you feel the warmth, affirm to yourself that "I am now receiving all the positive energy I need, and am ready to face the world with love and in harmony."
  • Using an affirmation such as this one will further calm your mind and make you receptive to positivity.
This is one of the best techniques you can follow, after which you should be wearing soothing colors so that the positivity is retained.
A short period of meditation can help bring down the anxiety levels and soothe the restless mind. Of course, it is best if you take a shower before you proceed with this method, and wear loose, comfortable clothing to ensure that this technique gives you its best experience, when finished.
  • Sit in a comfortable position (preferably as shown in the image with your hands in the same position so that you receive positive energies) in a room that you are relaxed in the most. You could also sit outdoors if you wish.
  • Focus on your breath. Take a few deep breaths to bring your mind to focus.
  • Now, visualize a warm light above your head that is flowing into your body through your head.
  • Let this warmth fill your body, from the very inside to every tip. Focus on every body part as you sense the warmth filling you up.
  • Imagine this flowing light to then leave your body from your toes after having collected all the negative energy from it.
  • Continue this process till you feel lighter, calmer, and more relaxed.

Ideally this process doesn't take much time, but it does depend on how you feel after it is over. If you don't feel any better, repeat it till you do.
There are several other tips that can help you cleanse your aura and have you feel better. These have been enlisted here.
◆ Get yourself some relaxing mantras from a music store and play them every morning. Not only you, but your surroundings will also be cleansed and you won't feel bogged down.
◆ In some cases, it is the physical environment around you that has you feel negative. In such a case, clean out the area you spend most time in. Dust it and move things around. This gets rid of stale energy and you attain greater clarity of thought.
◆ Spend some quality time with yourself everyday. Even if your 'me' time involves going window shopping, reading, painting, cooking or performing any other activity of your interest, do it. Take time off and away from your stressors so that you can regain your mental clarity.
◆ Fill your surroundings with fragrances that calm you down. You could do this by using essential oils, lighting incense sticks, or even using a perfume you like.
A lot of psychic healing procedures involve the use of herbs and crystals that aid the process. However, do not use these unless advised by a professional healer. Also, if these methods do not help and you just can't seem to feel better, consult a psychic who will guide you in the right manner.
You do not need to be gifted with heightened psychic abilities to perform a psychic cleansing. It is essentially a process that will get rid of the negative energy that surrounds you so that you adopt a more positive approach to your life.
So simply do what relaxes you the most, or follow the aforementioned tips, and you are likely to feel better. Just remember to be mentally prepared for the same so that it works its wonder on you.
Disclaimer: This information does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.