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Past Life Regression (PLR)

Madhavi Ghare Mar 2, 2020
There are many people who may have never even heard of Past Life Regression, or PLR. In this Mysticurious article, we tell you what PLR is all about, and how to go about finding out more about your past life.
Past Life Regression (PLR) is a method of accessing the memories of past lives in order to understand certain physical or psychological ailments which are otherwise unexplainable. This technique is also used to understand relationships in our life which affect us deeply, but for no logical reason.
Past life regression has its foundations in the belief of reincarnation, and consequently in the 'Law of Karma'. This is a unique theory which states that a soul is on a journey to merge with what is termed as 'God', 'the Universal Consciousness', 'Existence', or 'the Supreme Power'―call it what you will.
On this journey, the soul takes on a physical form in a body, so that it can learn certain lessons along the way.
This soul, naturally, meets and encounters other souls on different stages of their cosmic journey. It interacts with these souls to create 'Karma' (literally translated as 'action').
This entangles the soul into the consequences of the actions, and keeps bringing it back to interact with the same and different souls, again and again. Naturally, this means that the soul has to take on a physical form again.
Thus begins an unending cycle, meant to create learning and confusion. The soul has to eventually understand that this cycle is endless, unless it breaks away from it totally. And then it merges into the Universe, never to be caught up in this cycle again. The soul then attains 'Moksha', 'Nirvana', or 'Becomes Enlightened'.
This theory also states that there are those evolved souls who choose to come back in a physical body so that they may guide others towards this knowledge. These are termed as the 'Masters', 'Gurus', 'Enlightened Leaders', or 'Bodhisattvas'.
This process can be compared to going to school. One enters kindergarten and moves on to high school, and then to obtaining a graduate degree, a master's degree and then a doctorate. On each level, the student is acquiring more and more knowledge, and moving on to a higher level of that knowledge.
The teachers who guide us along this path of learning can, thus, be compared to the 'Masters'.

Methods and Processes

There are several well-known methods of accessing the memories from past lives. One acclaimed method is of Hypnotism, so much so, that it has become synonymous with Past life regression. This process takes an individual into a hypnotic trance where he goes back into a past life, recalling the events in almost graphic detail.
This method of past life therapy is useful in obtaining accurate details regarding the individual's past life, which can even be verified.
Past life regression can also be achieved via a Meditative Trance State. This is a process of guided meditation that takes the individual into a past life. In this method, the individual remains conscious and aware of the present.
This method is equally effective as hypnotism. Once learned, this can also be practiced by the individual on his own by listening to a CD/tape. He can also train himself to go into such a meditative trance on his own.
Another well-known method of past life regression is Acupuncture. The principle of acupuncture is that there are several pressure points on the body which stimulate different processes of the brain. Acupuncture, thus utilizes the specific pressure points to stimulate the areas of the brain which deal with memories from past lives.

How it Works

Past life regression can benefit those who are looking for deep, spiritual reasons for their ailments or problems in life. For example, someone with a bad knee pain which cannot be medically explained or cured, might seek answers via the past life regression process. Often, the reasons can be traced back to a past life experience.
The method of cure is the basic acceptance of whatever wrong or right that occurred in that lifetime. This facilitates the process of letting go and forgiveness. Forgiveness can be sought or given (whichever is applicable) and the pain begins to dissipate, leading to a cure.
This process can also be applied to psychological ailments such as unexplained fears, phobias, and mental blocks towards certain things in life. To cite another example, a person who in this life has no logical or scientific reason for claustrophobia, may find answers which link back to a trauma from a particular past life.
Past life regression can also be a beneficial exercise for those who are seeking their spiritual path. This may make things clear to them on a deep metaphysical level, leading them closer to awareness and enlightenment.

Is This For Real?

Any theory or process which cannot be explained scientifically, logically, or mathematically is subject to doubts. This cannot be avoided. Rather, this questioning leads to a deeper evolution of the psyche.
There are evidences of verified past life regressions, as there are evidences of fake ones. How can one decide? Playing on the emotions of those who are seeking desperately for solutions to unanswered questions is the job of many charlatans. It is not easy for those in trouble to decide which person is real.
And again, there is no 'test' for deciding the truth in such matters. Plain common sense (which is often quite uncommon) and science has helped unearth such shady individuals who cheat unsuspecting people for money. So, it helps to verify the credentials of past life regression practitioners.
It has also been found, under test conditions, that individuals who believe in reincarnation, tend to recall their past lives. Those who do not believe in reincarnation, rarely recall their past lives.
However, past life can also be a good explanation of certain talents present in 'child prodigies'. It is said that such talents are acquired over past lives, thus explaining why and how a child with no formal training can, for example, play the piano. Many psychic and intuitive capabilities of individuals can also be linked to lessons learned in a past life.

As the Bard once said:

"There are more things in heaven and earth,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
It helps to keep an open mind and your wits about you when dealing with people who claim to be professionals in this field. However, one cannot deny the genuine help that a process of faith, belief, and spirituality can provide to someone looking for answers beyond logic and science.
You may never know what lies beyond the closed doors of your past life memories, unless you open the door and walk right in.