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Why Ouija Board is Dangerous

Pankaj Chobharkar
There has been a lot of debate about the Ouija board and its authenticity. In this story we will be looking at the Ouija board dangers.
The Ouija board is a simple board made up of wood that has letters of the alphabet and a 'yes' and 'no' marked on it. There have been many versions of the game but you will find the above mentioned things on all of them. It is believed that you can contact spirits through it. It is also available as a game for kids.
The concept is simple. You place a planchette on the board and place two fingers on it lightly. You have to move it around for a few seconds and then ask a question. If a spirit does visit you, the planchette will move of its own accord on the board and answer your questions. But there are some rules that have to be followed.
There are many terrifying stories floating around among ghost researchers who insist that the board should not be used as a game. But there has not been an in-depth research from a scientific point of view to check the validity of these stories. This story tells you the possible dangers of the Ouija board, and the precautions to be taken while using it.
First of all, if you are not careful as to whose spirit you invite or how many spirits you invite, any of the spirits in the astral plane (lowest plane) can show up. These spirits may have been of people who were murdered or who lost their lives in accidents. So, they may express some violent behavior.
The other important thing is to not joke around while using the board or while asking any questions as that may enrage the spirits. Also, never ask the spirit to prove itself or to do something supernatural. Ghost researchers suggest that this way the spirits may try to enter the physical world.
If that happens, it will be very difficult and sometimes impossible to send the spirit back and it may remain there for an indefinite time.
Ghost researchers also say that it is not the board that is dangerous and that it does not house the spirits. The spirits are outside the board in your own surroundings. So if something goes wrong during the session, destroying the board may be of little help as the spirit has almost no connection with it.
When you are ready to end the session, convey it to the spirit, thank it respectfully for all the answers it gave you, and move the planchette to goodbye. If the spirit wishes to stay back and "help you some more", you should say 'goodbye and leave' in a firm voice.
That's not all, you have to make sure that the spirit has stopped responding and then you have to close the board. If you do not end the session as explained above, there may be unexpected results and even a good spirit may get agitated. So remember to follow the instructions properly if you do not want to end up in trouble.
Dangers result from the naivety of the Ouija board users. Of course, a spooky experience is tempting and exciting but you can get that excitement even by watching a spooky movie, why venture into something so unexplained and unknown? So it is best to just not use the Ouija board.
Even if you do not believe it to be one of the paranormal phenomena, do not take chances. After all, there have been many things, events, situations, and theories which science could not explain and so people did not believe them. But, eventually they turned out to be true.