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Latest Bigfoot Sightings

Manali Oak
Do you claim to have seen a Bigfoot? Or are you one of those who deny their existence? In either case, you must read the interesting stories of Bigfoot sightings this story tells.
Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch is believed to be an ape-like creature that exists in the forests of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and in British Colombia. It is believed to inhabit remote lands and has many local names. Bigfoot is called Yeti in Nepal, Yowie in Australia, and Yeren in China. Its existence is uncertain but it is popular across the world.
One of the oldest sightings of Bigfoot is the one reported by Reverend Elkanah Walker, a protestant missionary, in the late nineteenth century. He had reported of the existence of hairy giants in Washington. The Indians said that these giants had a strong smell and wandered in search of salmon. Indians have reported to have known of Bigfoots stealing salmon.
Between 1900 and 2000, many Bigfoot sightings were reported. One of the earliest ones was that in 1924, when Fred Beck accompanied by a few fellow miners was attacked in Ape Canyon. He reported that the Bigfoots hit large stones at the miners' cabin during the night.
Later, in 1941, Jeannie Chapman and her children reported to have abandoned their residence after they saw a Sasquatch approaching them. In 1955, William Roe reported to have sighted a female Sasquatch near Mica Mountain, British Colombia.
In three years from then, which was in 1958, Ray Kerr and Leslie Breazale, two construction workers claimed to have sighted a Bigfoot in California. Bigfoot sightings have been frequently reported in the 1960s and the '70s.
The latest Bigfoot sightings include the ones between the years 2005 and 2008. Every year from 2005 has witnessed at least one report about someone sighting a Bigfoot. In April 2005, a bigfoot-like creature was seen in Manitoba. This incident was given coverage by ferry reporter, Bobby Clarke.
In 2006, a woman named Shalane Beatty was traveling from Deschambault Lake to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. She reported to have seen a creature resembling a Bigfoot near the highway at Torch River.
Some men had later tracked her path to find a bunch of brown hair and footprints along their way. One of the most recent Bigfoot sightings was in the September of 2007 when Rick Jacobs, a hunter captured an image of a Bigfoot using an automatically operated camera that was affixed to a tree.
Matthew Johnson, a psychologist, has a story about having seen a Bigfoot. It was when he and his family were in the woods near Oregon Caves National Monument, he noticed a Bigfoot around 60 feet away.
He reported this incident to the park rangers who explored the case in detail. The Johnson family also claimed to have heard groans and sensed a pungent odor from a distance when they were in the woods. This story continues to arouse the interest of masses till today.
Researchers have inferred that most of the Bigfoot sightings have taken place in sparsely populated regions of the world. Some exceptions have been the sightings in a few major cities and parks. Most of the sightings were near rivers or other water bodies.
Though many of the Bigfoot sightings happen to be near bear habitats, critics deny the existence of Bigfoots. According to them, people have been mistaking bears as Bigfoots. Most of the Bigfoot sightings reported were of people observing hair or blood as also tracing their footprints along pathways.
Many times fingerprints or handprints mysteriously found at remote locations have been claimed as Bigfoots'. Some cases of Bigfoot sightings involved people reporting to have heard strange sounds or seen strange creatures.
There is no conclusive report about the truth behind the Bigfoot. Their existence remains an unsolved mystery.