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How to Develop Mediumship

Sujata Iyer
The intricacies involved in answering a question about something as loaded as developing mediumship are not only edgy, but are bound to be met by a lot of raised eyebrows and closed minds. Nonetheless, this article will attempt to guide you towards developing mediumship and practicing it.
Faith is something that no one is born with. While we may have been brought up in a particular fashion and different values and beliefs may have been instilled in us, deep down, we all have our own secret world, where we know what we truly believe in.
Mediumship is one such subject that is constantly under debate, whether it is pertaining to its existence, or the morality of claiming to be one who is able to communicate with someone beyond the realms of the world that we see around us.
Skeptics will arise with every new concept that arises, and for something as old as mediumship, there are bound to be a lot of them.
However, the skepticism and cynicism surrounding mediumship have not discouraged people who truly believe in it from turning away. If anything, it has cemented their faith and belief and made them more determined to prove the self-proclaimed skeptics and cynics wrong by doing what they claim to be doing: communicating with spirits.
This Mysticurious article will give you some very fundamental guidelines on how you can work on developing your mediumship skills.
*The measures given in this story do not aim at misguiding anyone. They are a collection of steps that have been used and are being used by mediums since ages.

How to Develop Mediumship Abilities

Mediums believe that everyone has an innate mediumship ability, but there are a very few who are actually aware that they possess it. The ones that do know about it, either stumbled upon their ability by accident or were introduced to it by another. Whatever the case may be, they have been successful in communicating with the Spirit, which is nothing but -
"a fragment of the Divine Life, separated off as an individual entity by the rarest film of matter: matter so rare that, while it gives a separate form to each, it offers no obstacle to the free intercommunication of life, thus encased, with the surrounding similar lives." as per Annie Besant.
There are certain qualities and skills required to become a successful medium and these can be acquired by following a stringent procedure for their enhancement and sharpening. Given below are the basic steps that are followed and recommended by leading mediums.

Believe That You Can

The first step towards developing your mediumship abilities begins from within yourself. You, yourself need to truly, beyond a doubt, believe that you are willing to do what it takes to be a successful medium.
This involves having an open mind, devoid of any preconceived notions about the entire process of development. Doubt, fear and cynicism have no place in a medium's mind. So free your mind of all such thoughts and embrace the path towards your mediumship.

Get Assistance

In order to hone your mediumship skills, you'll undoubtedly need the assistance of experienced individuals. For this, the most widely recommended step is to become a visitor of a Spiritualist church. These churches have committees dedicated to mediumship and will definitely be able to help you with the following steps.
Once you are initiated into a Spiritualist church, you will be advised to become the member of a Development Circle. The Development Circle is a group of people, just like you, trying to improve their mediumship abilities as well.
The point of being in a Development Circle is that it helps you to not only identify with similar people, but you also get to share your experiences with them and help in their quest to make contact with the Spirit.
This process can take a while and is closely supervised by the following -
  • Spirit Guide: This person is a teacher and guide who assists the medium all through his or her life. He teaches the medium all about the intricacies of mediumship and also helps to develop the mediumship abilities.
  • Spirit Controller: This person works as a channel for the medium and is the protector of the medium. He maintains the energy around the medium while the communication with the spirit takes place.
  • Spirit Control: This is the person who is in charge of safeguarding the consciousness of the medium.
In the process of developing mediumship, you will need to be completely open minded and honest about your experiences, and interactions with spirits, if any, with the members of your Circle as well as with your Guide.

Practice What You Learn

You will learn to be patient and to make yourself vulnerable and ready for communicating messages with the Spirit. For this, you will be made to meditate and learn to believe in the co-operative nature of the activity.
You need to treat the communicating spirit as a friend, a person who you can trust and a person who can be trusted, just like any other living person. You need to respect it and give it the liberty to help stimulate your inner sensitivity. You will learn that the actual deliverance and acceptance of the message has some very distinct phases.
The messages appear in various forms and based on what abilities you possess, whether it clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, or clairolfaction, you will be able to decipher the message and pass it on to the sitter in the second phase.
In this phase, the message is clear, concise and there is a very strong link between you and the spirit. When the message has been delivered and deciphered as per the expectation of the communicating spirit, you will enter the third phase, in which the link slowly fades and gradually gets broken.
Maintaining constant interactive communication with the spirit is essential in order to substantiate the message with evidentiary support. Hence, you need to be able to channel all your focus to get the message clearly and also deliver it with enough evidence to verify that you have indeed made contact.
If this is not done, not only can the message be falsified, but in some instances the message may not be delivered at all.
This was some info on how to develop mediumship. Being patient, persistent in the act of maintaining a link and receiving a clear message are very important skills that you need to master to develop your mediumship abilities. Along with these, you need to have faith, not only in the gift, but also in yourself and your ability to reach the beyond.