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How to Communicate with Your Spirit Guide

If you would like to get in touch with your spirit guides and acknowledge their presence, here is how to communicate with your spirit guide(s).
Shalu Bhatti

What is a Spirit Guide?

Most people get confused between spirit guides and guardian angels, considering them to be the same. Unlike guardian angels that are ethereal beings with responsibility to take care of us from our inception to death, a spirit guide is a soul of a deceased person who stayed back to help the living. You can have more than one spirit guide throughout your life.
There is a living world, and a spirit world, and both these worlds co-exist in the same vicinity, you just need to widen your horizon a tad bit, and be more receptive to these friendly spirit guides, who are constantly around you, willing to help you through your everyday challenges.
They very well understand what you are going through because, as they say, they have "been there and done that!" They stay in a higher frequency zone of the spiritual realm, and have chosen to stay on earth just so that they can help the wandering living beings who are lost and clueless about their life's path.
They are always around us, but, because they see us from a different kind of world altogether, a majority of us remain unaware of their friendly presence. The only way to be receptive to them is to tune our frequency with theirs.
Many people assume that there can be only one spirit guide assigned to one person through their life. This is not true. Those who have contacted these divine helpers for their own reasons, and also to help the others, state that a person may have different spirit guides throughout their lives, depending upon the situation they are dealing with.
Each spirit guide comes as per their expertise. For example, if you have sought the guidance for spiritual enlightenment, the spirit of an enlightened being will come to your help. On the other hand, if you need help with career goals and personal relationships, a spirit who has ample of positive experience in these areas will come to your rescue.

How to Contact Your Spirit Guide

Before, the question crops up in your mind, here's the answer: You needn't be a psychic to establish a successful communication with a spirit guide. Yes, agreed, that the time will vary from one person to the other to form this connection.
While some people establish the connection within a few days, some take several weeks. But that doesn't mean that they are "gifted" in a certain way and you're not. The main thing here is to attain that state of mind where it becomes easier to be receptive to the spirit world.
In our day-to-day lives, there are uncountable thoughts running through our mind―"What will the traffic situation be while driving home?", "What should I cook for dinner?", "I still haven't completed that assignment and the boss could ask for it tomorrow?", "I have to pay this bill, tomorrow is the due date, or was it today?", etc.
Well, practicing the following steps will help you clarify your mind, and eventually, your life's troubles. Here is how you can start contacting the good and friendly spirit guides.

Step 1: Say a Prayer for Protection

When you step into any unknown zone in search for something positive, you must never assume that positive is all you'll get. The existence of bad spirits, demons, and unpleasant energies isn't unheard of in our day-to-day lives.
Therefore, it is strictly advised to say a prayer for protection from the negative spirit energies. You may say a prayer in your own words, addressing your deity. A sample prayer is mentioned ahead.
"Dear Heavenly Father, I seek your protection.
Put your hands around to shield me,
so that all that I contact is only good and positive.
Set your angels as guards around my surrounding
while I open myself to be receptive to the spirit world. Amen."

Step 2: Try Keeping Yourself Calm ― In Body and Mind

This is the crucial part of the process, where you need to attain absolute calmness and relaxation, both in body and mind. Choose a place where you can be free from all the chaos around. It could be your home, or an outdoor setting.
Switch off your cell phone, hang the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on your door, and keep all the possible distractions away. You may use additional elements such as candles and incense sticks to create the calming feel around you.
Sit comfortably in a spot where you can focus on clarifying your thoughts without any trouble. Focus on not thinking anything. In the beginning, this will prove to be quite a challenge, but with practice you will learn to become thoughtless―the perfect state to contact your spirit guide!

Step 3: Invite Your Spirit Guide to Come to You

Once you have reached the correct state of mind, you will feel calm, as if you've come to another world altogether, where it is just you and this peaceful silence. Now is the time to call your spirit guide. All the communication will be done through telepathy.
Be clear of what you want to ask the spirit guide, or do you just want to feel his/her presence? Understand that there is no time frame that your spirit guide will respond in. It may take a few minutes, or you might sense nothing at all.
Remember that our spirit guides were also humans once, and they invariably have their human traits with them even now. While some may be quite outspoken, others are shy. Give this companion of yours sometime, and eventually, your invitation will be accepted.

Step 4: Be Focused and Alert of Your Feelings

How the spirit guide communicates with you will vary in each case. So, don't expect what form you might see him/her in, or how he/she will appear in front of you. Will you see a ball of light taking some form, or will it be nothing more than air? People have testified their spirit guides to be in form of humans, animals, and even as water or fire!
More than the appearance of the spirit guide, focus on what you feel. Many people feel cold at this stage, specially on their face and hands. Many get some numbing/tingling sensation on the upper layer of the skin. Random thoughts or visions begin to crop up like a slideshow, a fast slideshow!
You might also hear words/voices, which may or may not be comprehensive enough. If you've asked a query to the spirit guide, and if it has the answer to it at the time, these feelings and experiences are what will lead you to the answer. The more you practice, the clearer the answer will be.
Note that the spirit guide will only answer genuine queries. Say, about your career path, is it right or not; your relationship issues, can it be mended? Don't expect them to answer the winning lottery number!

Step 5: Trust in What Enters Your Mind as Your Answer

The whole process is based on belief and trust. You either believe or you don't. Whatever enters your mind at this time is what is close to the answer, or perhaps, the very answer you are seeking. Something just assures you during the session, and you just know that the answer is a yes, or a no!
For instance, if you are worried about not being able to reach a goal within the set time limit, and you seek guidance from your spirit guide, you will get a reassuring vibe during the process. In fact, you might also receive a clear 'Don't worry' in your inner ear.
Just be receptive and trust in what you have just received from your spirit guide. With practice, you will start getting clear answers, like a nice friendly counselor assuring you of your choices, or warning you when you're going wrong.

Step 6: Channelize Your Thoughts to Return to the Normal State

Once you have received the answers to your question(s), or, once you are satisfied with the communication established with your spirit guide, say, a 'goodbye till we meet again', and focus on returning to normal state. Try to channelize your thoughts back to the world you live in.
Make your body move, open your eyes, and breathe. If you feel a little lightheaded, or dizzy, it's okay. Some people feel that. Once you're back to the normal state, have a glass of water, relax a little, and continue to the next step.

Step 7: Record Your Experience in a Journal

Preferably, write about the entire experience, like a dictation. What did you sense physically? What thoughts crossed your mind? What did your spirit guide look like? The information you shared? Oftentimes, it happens that a few hours after the contacting session, the mind is unable to recall the exact message received from the spirit guide.
At times, the words, names, or details given by the spirit guide would make no sense. However, it is still recommended to note all that you have experienced (even the smallest of details) in a journal. As you practice this process over and over again, these little clues may prove to be of significant importance.
For beginners, it might take some time and a lot of sincere practice to attain the state of a thoughtless mind. Also, with time you will also become more open and less fearful of the whole idea of communicating with these helpful guides from the nonliving world.
Note that spirit guides are always friendly and positive in the way they approach your queries. If at all, you feel uncomfortable, negative, or afraid of the whole process, it is best to not proceed further. If possible, contact an expert to resolve your qualms.
Disclaimer: This content is for informative purposes only. Mysticurious doesn't promote or demote the belief and practice of seeking spirit counseling. Reader's discretion is advised.