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Communicating with Spirits

Puja Lalwani
There may be several reasons for why one is seeking the different ways of communicating with spirits. Here we provides you a brief insight into some methods that will help you to do so effectively.
Before we answer "can we communicate with spirits," first find an answer to "why do we want to do so?" What troubles us so much that we need to resort to different media of communication with the dead and experience some positive or some negative paranormal phenomena in our attempt?
There may be many reasons, the most prominent one of which is the need to find solutions to the different problems that we face because of the importance of the deceased in our lives. In most cases, a certain someone is the guiding light in our lives; someone who helps us through trying times and decide what to do and influences the decisions we make.
When we are so dependent on someone and that person suddenly leaves our life, getting over that dependence is something that takes effort. In another situation, there may be a particular feeling or desire that we failed to communicate to the deceased when he was around.
In such a case, doing so becomes very important to some of us, and what way do we have but to find some means of communicating with him and having our questions answered or our desires expressed?


In order to be able to do so, it is essential that you, as a human being, keep your mind clutter-free and your conscience clear. People with psychic abilities believe that spirits are always present around us; it is only a matter of having heightened senses to be able to sense their presence.
Now, a heightened state of mind is something that cannot be achieved easily; it takes tremendous effort, practice, and patience to be able to do so. Your vision, hearing abilities, and a sense of knowledge and recognition of the presence of an unnatural being around you are all the senses that you will have to work on developing to serve the purpose.
The ways in which you can do so have been enlisted here:

First, believe that such a process is possible. It is faith that keeps the world going, and as long as you believe in absolutely anything you want to do, know that it is going to be possible with a little effort.
Then, ensure that your desire is genuine. This is not something you want to do just for fun. You may have your own reasons, but fun cannot be one.
Starting with a small amount of meditation and increasing it on a daily basis will help slowly keep your mind stress free. In fact, with regular meditation, you will be able to effectively zone your mind out of the present, and use it to sense the presence of anything unnatural around you.
Wear comfortable clothing, so that you are not distracted. Light clothes and colors that keep the mind cool and calm are essential in this endeavor.

Eat fresh, live and healthy food so that you do not feel worn out or weak. Eating fresh food keeps the mind active and alert and is a great way of attaining the needed power.
As mentioned earlier, this is a process that will take a long time. If you have the patience and the will to be able to really do it, there is nothing that can stop you or cause failure in this process. Once you have developed these heightened senses over time, put out your queries into the universe.
The best way to do so is to write down your questions that are directed to the deceased you want to communicate with. You will then be able to receive some response from him through various media.
Following are some of the ways in which you can communicate with the spirit, and vice versa. When you look at the ways in which he tries to connect with you, you will understand why developing the aforementioned traits is absolutely necessary.

Dream Visitations

As you send out a signal of wanting to communicate, you may experience a dream visitation by the deceased. Here, your queries about anything pertaining to him may be answered. This experience in dreams may seem very real to you.
To understand that the dream was, indeed, a method of spirit communication and not simply, the result of your constant thoughts on this subject, keep in mind that it should have a logical sequence, it should be vivid, and it should leave behind some emotion, whether negative such as confusion, or positive such as happiness.

Recurring Coincidences

If you are party to a similar situation time and again, chances are that he is trying to connect with you through subliminal messages. Thus, you need to be alert and have the presence of mind. Also, understanding the symbolism of the situation will help you find out what he/she is trying to say.

Inner Voices

Many times, as a response to your query or questions, you may be able to find the answer yourself. You may find an inner voice, giving you all the answers you desire. This could be because of the presence of a spirit that is attempting to connect with you.
On the other hand, many times, you may find the answer from someone you are speaking to, someone who may be least likely to give you one, but will do so as the spirit uses another person as a medium of communication.

Automatic Writing

These experiences by contacting spirits have been seen by many in their such endeavors. In such a case, as an answer to your questions, they take over the hand and start writing the answer to you. You may be in a trance and not realize what exactly is happening, but you will find the answers to your questions by means of automatic writing.

Signs and Symbols

Just like a recurring situation, they may use different signs, symbols to contact you. If you have a question in mind, you may just open a book while at a book store and find the answer written before you. You need to be alert and know that it is a sign from the deceased to let you know that he is watching over you and is there to help you find a solution.
Many people use other media such as a Ouija board, perform seances, mirror gazing, etc. While many of them have been successful in doing so, there are instances when these processes have gone wrong. To prevent such an occurrence, be patient and develop the methods discussed herein for some effective results.
However,  even these may not work, because a lot of psychics believe that spirits do not communicate with their loved ones, in an attempt to reduce their sorrow and grief. You may also resort to contacting someone who will serve as a medium of communicating. Such people have psychic powers and the aforementioned traits that make them effective sources.
Finally, always remember that we all have to face the loss of a loved one at some point in time. Resort to connecting with spirits of your loved ones only when it is very necessary.
Even they feel disturbed when we are making countless endeavors to get in touch with them. They also feel your pain and grief, which is why, sometimes, they may refuse to communicate with you. Even so, don't give up. Keep your mind open and your heart free of negativity and allow them to make their presence felt in your life.