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7 Bizarre Things That Were Found In The Human Body

Vibhav Gaonkar
Here are some bizarre things found in people's bodies. Some were eaten accidentlly or consumed intentionally, while the presence of some were plain crazy!

The Marvel That Is The Human Body

Did you know that there are around 10 trillion human cells in the human body? But hang on, that's not all, around 90 trillion cells also call your body their home! These consist of bacteria, virus, and other microorganisms. Now that's truly bizarre isn't it?
Ever heard of people consuming hair, utensils, coins, or even magnets? Yes! People have actually done all this intentionally (considering the fact that they were crazy). There are in fact several such cases wherein people have lived months and even years with foreign objects embedded in their bodies; either intentionally or accidentally.
However, there's also a third case―medical or surgical malpractice―surgeons while operating on individuals have literally forgotten their instruments inside the body. Although such cases are rare, imagine people actually roaming around with scalpels and forceps in their bodies.
Such objects can cause severe infections and even death if the victim doesn't discover the presence of these objects soon. Let's take a look at some instances where the most unusual and bizarre things were found in the human body.

A Giant Ball of Hair

A 9-pound hairball in an 18-year-old girl's abdomen. Totally insane! The girl arrived at the emergency room of the Bishkek Hospital in Kyrgyzstan, complaining of severe stomach pain and awfully great weight loss of about 40 pounds.
The girl was operated immediately only to discover a giant hairball encompassing almost all of her abdomen. You would be thinking, 'How did all that hair get in?'. The answer is even more unexpected. The girl ate her own hair, and not just a few strands but a considerably larger amount.
The enzymes secreted in our body are not capable of digesting hair, that's the reason why people suffer from food-poisoning even if a single hair strand is mistakenly consumed; and this girl ate it intentionally. Secondly, there was no way in which the body could eliminate it, so it just settled in there for a long-long time.

The Man Who Swallowed Coins

Probably the safest place to accumulate your wealth, no burglaries or thefts. Jokes apart, this is shocking but true; a man in France suffering from psychiatric illness was X-rayed to find a heap of about 350 coins, several necklaces, and a few needles in his abdomen.
The man liked stealing coins and gobbling them down; it was a symptom of Pica―the psychiatric disorder he was suffering from. Victims of Pica experience a compulsion to eat stuff that is not normally consumed as food (coins, hair, chalk, ashes, soap, toothbrushes, and many other things.)
The 62-year-old man complained of a swollen abdomen, and was immediately admitted to the Cholet General Hospital in western France. The doctors were dumbstruck on discovering a case as bizarre as this. The weight of the metal had pushed down the man's stomach between his hips and weighed an enormous 12 pounds.
He was operated on and his damaged abdomen was extracted along with its contents. The man died 12 days later due to multiple complications in his body.

Nailed in the Brain

Chicago resident Dante Autullo accidentally shot himself in the head by a nail gun. However, he felt that the nail had luckily missed his head. Around 36 hours later, Dante woke up with severe headache and nausea and scurried to consult a doctor.
Dante didn't even realize that the 9-cm nail had actually pierced his cranial cavity, leaving only a minor scratch; thus deceiving him and others in thinking that the nail missed his head.
After 36 hours with a nail in his head, Dante underwent immediate surgery and was miraculously saved of this deadly mishap. Dante was lucky, but not everybody is - next time you use a nail gun, don't hover it anywhere near your head, or any body part for that matter.


One might miss the nail, but what about a knife lodged inside the head! How can somebody miss that? But 30-year-old Li Fuyan of China did miss it. This guy had a rusted 4-inch knife blade lodged in his head for 4 straight years, without him even knowing about it.
The knife blade ended up at the back of Li's head, at the base of the skull during a fight with a robber who stabbed him; but the blade surprisingly missed the throat and the carotid artery (which supplies blood to the brain).
However, Li never complained of any major symptoms, except for occasional throat bleeding and a difficulty to swallow. Four years later, during a routine check-up doctors discovered the presence of an object in his head. He was immediately operated on, and the blade was extracted from his head.

Doctor's Fault

57-year-old Daryoush Mazarei underwent a shunt surgery that allowed excessive brain fluid to drain into the abdominal cavity. However, Mazarei never fully recovered. He complained of severe abdominal discomfort and pain, to which his doctors said that there was nothing physically wrong with him and he required a psychiatrist.
But, his daughter could actually feel something actually poking out of his belly. After repetitive complaints, the doctors finally ordered a CT scan. The scan clearly showed signs of a large object in his abdomen. Upon being re-operated, the surgeons found a pair of retractors (10-inch long) that were accidentally left inside during the last surgery.

Pregnant Man

Yes you heard it right! Sanju Bhagat, a resident of Nagpur, India, possessed an abnormally large stomach. He was often teased and ridiculed as a pregnant man. Then, one day due to severe pain and breathlessness, Sanju was rushed to the hospital.
The doctors operated on him expecting to find a tumor, but they were shocked to find a partially formed human fetus. What?! Are you freaking serious?, that's what you might be thinking. The answer is yes. The fetus had limbs, hair, and genitalia; it was feeding on Bhagat's body like a parasite for 36 years.
Fetus in fetu, the medical condition which Sanju suffered from, is characterized by a normal fetus forming inside the body that later becomes enveloped by its twin. It is parasitic, and must necessarily be extracted in order to avoid complications.

Mutating to Magneto?

For those who don't know what or who Magneto is, he's a mutant from the X-men Series who could attract metal. Here's an 8-year-old girl who might have thought of being Magneto when swallowing a bunch of magnets. She arrived at the hospital emergency room complaining of unbearable stomach pain.
After an X-ray, doctors found no less than 30 magnets that were literally moving inside her. They were tearing organs apart with their magnetic force. Why did the kid gulp them down in the first place? The kid licked the rusty surface of the magnet, and liked the taste; thus she gulped down the whole magnet, followed by 29 more.