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Automatic Writing Experiences by Contacting Spirits!

Suhrud Potdar
Do spirits exist, and if they do, can they really write for you? Here are few of my automatic writing experiences, which lead me to not only believe in it, but also use it for people in distress. Automatic writing to me is nothing but an event of psychic readings by contacting spirits.

Do Spirits Write?

Occult sciences have always been a subject of interest for me. From planchet to the recent experiences in automatic writing, it has been journey through various forms and medias to reach to something beyond visibility.

Communication with Spirits - Believe it or Not!

The existence of spirits has always been one of the most interesting topics for years, decades or even centuries. Today, even in the age of spacecraft conquering new frontiers, there are people who believe in these activities. The only reason they believe is because they've experienced it. And I would definitely say that I am one of them.
I have been experiencing this in various forms for almost one decade now, and to the best of it, I used every instance of it in a positive way to help out others in resolving their issues.

What is Automatic Writing?

It is a form of spiritual interaction, where spirits interact with the performer through the writing media of pen/pencil and paper. The performers believe that the spirits take control of their hand to write their thoughts and sayings.
Many will claim it as an act of deceiving, but I have been experiencing it even before I knew that it was called automatic writing and had a history of its own. I had been practicing numerology and palmistry for a couple of years. These talents have been naturally imbibed in me, and I have been able to use it for the betterment of society.
Automatic writing followed same suit, and I don't even remember when it all started. Meditating, setting your mind free from thoughts, and allowing the spirit to take control of your hand to write on its own―is the theory what I learned from my experiences.

Automatic Writing Experiences

Here is the first example which compelled me to believe in this technique. This is a few years ago when my aunt was going through all the stages of an unhealthy marital relationship. She had been in trauma and depression for years. There had been a few instances, during her trauma of mental illness, when she left her home and just disappeared.
She used to go places without supportive food and clothing. Back home, people had to put all their efforts searching for her for days and weeks, before reporting her disappearance to the authorities. It used to be a time span of a few days to a few months, when she somehow managed to get back home on her own, surprisingly safe and untouched.
With another such incident, my parents insisted me to take the help of the automatic writing technique, to know more about her whereabouts. With all the trust in this activity, I tried my best to get some tips about her location. On completion, the write-up had some words about a city few hundred miles to the south.
It was difficult to trust on just these few lines and arrange for someone to go and look out for her in that unknown city. So things were left to her destiny. A couple of days later, when I was having another automatic writing activity, suddenly, it wrote that she is on her return journey and struggling a few miles away.
It gave me the direction & the landmark of the location where the subject was at that moment of time. This time, I took the initiative & reached the spot, to find her lonely & in distress. After having a couple of conversations with her, we came to know that the spirit had hinted the right thing―she had been staying in that city miles away in the south.
Since then, my conversations with the spirit have grown to a better level, and now, I don't even need a pen and paper to get the answers. Scientifically, I think it's a type of subconscious mind or sixth sense activity, I have been developing it all by myself for a while now. I have been using it in helping people resolve their issues to some extent.
Recently, I was even able to locate a missing diamond ring for one of relative, staying at the other end of the globe. Without any technical references or photographs of their house, I was able to sketch out the floor plan of their house, and even locate the small diamond ring lying beneath a bed in one of their rooms.

Helping the People in Distress

I have been using automatic writing in making my predictions for various people and their causes, right from finding the lost dog to the location of the misplaced jewelry box during actual wedding ceremonies, from predicting of the next career transit to alerting someone about an upcoming disaster or personal loss.
But I have kept myself away from attending any sort of financial issues, to keep it as a sincere work ship towards humanity.
Instead of restricting this activity to just another writing by the spirits, I have managed to use it in making my predictions for any subject. I don't know if anyone else has found it useful in the same way!